Jon and his band The Experience, are currently working behind the scenes, in order to write, record and Co Produce Jon’s fifth record entitled: “Searching for Goldilox”. This record is very unique in the fact that it’s the first record that features Jon’s live band in the studio. It includes fifteen new tracks to include the title track, along with future hits “Let me in your heart”, Mom, This or something better and Jon’s first Christian song entitled “thank you for the pain”.

The record has Jon’s signature Piano and Drum sounds all over it, but with an even broader range of styles than in past records. The new record also includes multiple producers as well as some special guests that will be prominently featured on the record and is almost exclusively being recorded in Jon’s new and permanent home in Nashville Tennessee.

Look for a release of the new record sometime near mid 2022. You can find the record here on the official website, as well as in major retail stores and on I tunes, Spotify, Amazon and many more sites.