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For the past seventeen years. Jon has been an established veteran in the music industry with over fifteen years experience as a seasoned Singer/Songwriter. He has over twenty-seven years as an accomplished touring and session drummer, working alongside the likes of such greats as Toto, Bruce Hornsby, Michel Camilo, the Syotos Band, Lanny Isis and many more..

With three completed records to his credit: (Doing What Comes Naturally, The Second Time Around, Trials & Tribulations,) all of which can be found in the music tab, Jon and his band The Experience are setting out to record the fourth record “Long Days, Long Nights, which boasts an astounding eighteen songs written over the past several years. Jon believes this is his best and most mature work to date. We realize many of you have been eagerly awaiting the new songs and the material promises not to disappoint. With a much more edgy, rock and open ambient sound, still maintaining Jon’s signature sounds you’ve come to know and expect. The new record will feature Jon’s full band as well as some Cameo appearances and new producers that will bring additional expertise and dimensions to the record.

Jon's music has received high praise from industry powerhouses, such as Michael Howe, VP of A&R for Warner Atlantic records, who said, "Jon's songs are carefully custom handcrafted pieces of music, designed to stand the test of time for many years to come".

Please enjoy a visit to all the sections of Jon's site, such as the picture gallery, where you can view moments from Jon's life, both past and present. Feel free to drop Jon a line at the guestbook section and of course sample some clips of Jon's music throughout his ever evolving musical journey at the music/lyrics section..

We hope to see you at one of Jon's upcoming performances, where you can get more information at the Gigs/Tours section. Please be sure to check back frequently, as many changes will take place in the near future. Thanks again for visiting! 

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