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From the tender age of four, Jon Dowling etched his beginnings in the music industry. His first concert was a John Denver performance at the Hartford Civic Center where Jon was singing in unison with Mr. Denver from the third row on his fathers back. Mr. Denver stopped the concert to announce to the crowd of nearly twenty-five thousand people "I think I have some competition." Jon's career never stopped after that seminal moment. From the age of five Jon began taking a series of music lessons, ranging from Guitar and Saxophone to Piano. Drums were the instrument that finally stuck. Jon went on to study privately at Falcetti Music Center as well as with Yamaha and Sabian clinician Larry Levine for the next eighteen years, where Jon would go on to win several percussion competitions, including the Massachusetts State Drum Championship in the nineties. During his later high school years, Jon began taking intense piano lessons and theoretic training from Kim Ryan privately, who at the time was the Pianist for the Buffalo Symphony Orchestra. These lessons would come in handy down the road.

Jon went on to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston on a partial scholarship. It was here where Jon honed invaluable skill sets, ranging from Songwriting, Engineering, Networking, Music Theory and of course his most valuable skills: Performance and Music Business, where he achieved Magna Cum Laude with a Dual Major Masters Degree. After college Jon went on to perform with Breezin, a major club date band in Western Massachusetts, performing over two hundred and fifty events per year. Additionally Jon taught students privately in his studio as well as performing master classes to over fifty high schools and universities throughout the Northeast.

In 1998 Jon moved to New York City, whereby he became one of the most sought after session drummers, working with the Likes of Bruce Hornsby, Toto, Lanny Isis, a (European phenom in the mold of Bon Jovi,) Dave Hoffman, Harvey Swartz and The Syotos Band, who at the time was the backing band for Tito Puente and many more. In 2000 Jon discovered he had a knack for Piano, Songwriting and Lyrics. He secluded himself in his apartment on Forty Sixth Street and began constructing the beginnings of his eventual front man and songwriting career.

Jon released his first record "Doing What Comes Naturally" as a demo with Producer Glenn Schloss, who is now known for his jingle work for TV networks such as A&E and Lifetime. In 2002 Jon reunited with members of Toto such as Mike Porcaro and David Paich in Los Angeles to record his second record "The Second Time Around". In 2004-2008 Jon worked back in New York City with John Degrazio, who has worked with Madonna, Five for Fighting, Jars of Clay and many other other artists to don big hits for Jon's career, such as "Out of the Dark" and "Here to Stay", which eclipsed the HOT 100 AC charts in 2009-2010. In 2008 Jon moved to Los Angeles in order to take his original music career to the next level and allow his music to reach the depths of the industry with major producers, managers, music licensers, movie houses, etc.

For the past three years Jon has been the President and CEO of Patriot Music International, a boutique music production company in Los Angeles that specializes in representing and consulting new and burgeoning talent throughout the country in many genres of music. Jon has also put the finishing touches on his fourth record "Long Days Long Nights", which represents Jon's fourth record. The record represents years of passionate, labor intensive work. This record is particularly unique, containing eighteen songs for a double disc CD set, and it is the first record that will host Jon's original band for the past six years. The record also boasts several prominent Producers such as Warren Huart, the return of John Degrazio, Shele Sondheim, Andrew Williams and more. Long Days Long Nights also hosts some cameo appearances such as Bruce Hornsby, Richard Marx, Elton John, The Chicago horn section, Phil Collins, fellow Berklee alums Doug Hinrichs and Jason Moynihan. Jon is also working on new songs for a fifth record called "Searching for Goldilox," set to come out sometime in 2016.

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