Welcome back to Jon’s site, along with the latest updates. This week has been a busy one for Jon and the team, as all the songs from the latest record have been fully remastered and updated, to include thirty second snippets. To enjoy the latest improvements, simply go to each section of the site, whereby the latest versions will be playing.

The site is continuing to undergo changes and improvements, as a new section of the site is being included. We’ve added a tour section, where you will be able to see Jon and his band The Experience perform in the near future, as well as ongoing dates that will be added. You’ll also experience music from previous albums and a nice background cover to set the mood. There’s a proposal in the works for Jon and the Experience to play in times square as one of the featured artists on the billing. The proposed date is for September 18th, as part of New York City’s plan to bring people to the city and revitalize the entertainment industry. We’ll keep you appraised of the progress as updates continue.
Stay tuned, more to come.