Latin Percussion Products

As a lover of Afro cuban music, Latin Percussion Products have always been my sole and consistent choice every time I step onto the stage or in studio. In particular, I love the Mambo 227 and Salsa line of products. They continue to innovate with products such as the Gajate foot bracket, which allows for easy conversion of cowbells, wood blocks, tambourines and the like. I’ve been blessed to know the LP family for many decades. Starting with Martin Cohen, the company’s founder and Ray Tregellas. Now Jerry Zacarius leads the artists relations team and continues in the company’s long line of excellence. I look forward to working alongside them for many more years to come.



From day one Sabian has been my cymbal of choice. They have such a great reputation for Versatility, Quality, and Reasonable Prices, and lines that the competition simply doesn’t have. Ever since my long-time instructor and endorser, Larry Levine, introduced me to Sabian I’ve had no need to go elsewhere. Chris Stanke has been a long-time associate, and his cooperation is appreciated. Paul Celucci has joined Sabian (after stepping down as Gov of the great Commonwealth of MA – ha ha!). His product knowledge, friendly service, and willingness to go the extra mile, have made the difference for countless Sabian artists. Paul’s impact has really complemented all the great work done by the Sabian family over the years.



Drum cases are an extremely important and often overlooked item in a drummers arsenal. I was born and raised in New England, so for those of you who have traveled or live here, you know the extreme weather conditions that plague this region.

From the most frigid of temperatures to the hottest and most humid summers, Humes & Berg Cases have always protected my drums from breaks or scratches, and have held them in tune consistently over the years.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Irwin Berg firsthand since we met at the NAMM back in ’96. His belief in me has translated to success for us both..


Vic Firth

I’ve tried many quality stick companies over my career, but I’ve always come back to one quality stick, Vic Firth. I have preferred their 5a & 5b lines, the Buddy Rich and the Dave Weckl signature series more than any other stick(s).

Joe Testa has added a great infusion into the Vic Firth family, and has worked with me personally from his time at Yamaha to ensure a successful career path with his creative ideas and his overall support and response…even when an artists needs are not of an urgent nature.



A performer since age five and professionally since the age of sixteen, drumming and music has always been in Jon Dowling’s blood. A proud endorser of Yamaha Drums since 1992 and a Berklee College Graduate, Jon has toured, recorded and performed with the likes of Michel Camilo, Bruce Hornsby, Lanny Isis, Toto and many more artists. In addition Jon has been a teacher and master class educator during his career. Now focusing on his own band and original music (Jon Dowling & The Experience) Jon happily lives in Los Angeles working to make his own stamp within the industry and the Hot Adult Contemporary Music scene for many years to come.

Jon has been influenced by many drummers, along which include fellow Yamaha artists and teachers Larry Levine and Dave Weckl, both of which taught Jon versatility in a broad range of styles, all of which have served Jon well over the course of his life. Jon has been called to do many types of sessions, but he is particularly known for his Pop/Rock mixed with Latin/Afro Cuban flair, most evident during his time performing with the Syotos Band, the main supporting band for Tito Puente for many years. See online endorsement on Yamaha website:


Evans Drumheads

From his first day at Evans, Steve Lobmeier has been nothing short of accommodating. He has been genuinely kind and sincere to me, as well as providing me with things I didn’t ask for or necessarily deserve. That’s the type of guy he is, and is definitely a positive addition to Evans.

Next to sticks, drum head are one of the most defining aspects of one’s sound, not to mention the object that gets taxed the most. It’s very important as a musician these days to be versatile and dynamic, and Evans drum heads are just that, and a whole lot more! Ever since Bob Gatsen introduced me to the unique Evans difference, I was hooked! Between their coated and clear models for the Toms and the Bass Drum, there’s no stopping your creativity on any sound and style imaginable. For me, Evans is the Company I trust and respect to define my overall sound.