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Jon Dowling has been playing drums since the age of 5. From the onset of his burgeoning career he has proudly played Yamaha Drums. Beginning with the Stage Custom, to the Tour Custom, to the heralded Recording Custom kit in Piano Black with the original Steve Gadd Configuration, to now playing several different sets, from the Phoenix kit, to the Maple and Birch Custom Absolute sets and the DTX electronic kits. Each time he steps out on stage or in studio Yamaha delivers amazing performance and consistency each and every time.

Jon's career began under the tutelage of longtime Yamaha clinician Larry Levine in 1987. Larry spotted Jon at an annual Massachusetts state drum competition just outside Boston and after that Jon's life was transformed. From winning state awards for drumming, to performing in several battle of the bands competitions and winning many times Jon's growth was on the rise.

His first professional gig came at age fifteen when we was allowed to play in a local bar called Geraldine's that hosted famous musicians coming in from the road, such as Robert Cray and T Bone Wolk. Jon had an opportunity to play with both and learned a tremendous amount from them which had a tremendous impact on both his life and career. It far exceeded the $50 he earned that night, although that was great as well.

From that point Jon went on to the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where he received a Masters Degree in Performance and Music Business, with the idea being that he could make a lucrative living performing as well as leveraging all of the different factions that exist in the music industry.

After Berklee Jon moved to New York City to become a session drummer. At the recommendation of longtime friend and elite bassist Mario Rodriguez, Jon was offered a steady gig at the famous Nu Yorican Poets Cafe in lower Manhattan, where he played routinely with the likes of Harvey (Harvito) Schwartz, the Syotos Band, Bobby Sanabria etc. Jon summarily received a call to play and record with Michel Camilo, Lanny Isis, Bruce Hornsby, Dave Hoffmann and many more artists as a result. Jon also did several drum clinics for Yamaha regionally across the northeast for high schools and colleges for many years.

Currently Jon lives in Los Angeles and writes, records and tours with his own original band called Jon Dowling & The Experience. He plays alongside famed Drummer Dave Allen, a fellow Yamaha artist. Jon also performs locally and is active at his church as the co-director of the music worship team. Jon also owns his own music production company, called Patriot Music Ventures International, a company which focuses on boutique artistry at the highest level, from recording, to touring, A&R management, licensing and sponsorship opportunities and much more.

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